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Lego City Police Chase at the Mine + Costume Pretend Play Cops & Robbers

Jack Jack and Ruthie put on two pretend play skits while wearing cops & robbers costumes. In the second, the kids are playing with our Lego City police and gold mine sets, include many cool vehicles like helicopters, diggers, and trucks from our huge toy collection. If you like playing with Legos, you'll love our video!
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Videos featuring both old and new toys being played with and sometimes unboxed. The adventures of Jack Jack!
About us: After witnessing first hand how much our kids enjoy live action playing and checking out toys on our Ipad, we decided it would be a fun family activity to put together a channel that puts our own touch on some of these vids. In front of the camera you will find Jack Jack and sometimes his sidekick dog, Molly May, and big sister Ruthie.
We are making videos that showcase both new toys, and well-loved classics from our household. They are a mix of unboxing, toy reviews, parodies, and play time, both at home and outside at our favorite parks.


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Lego City Police Chase at the Mine + Costume Pretend Play Cops & Robbers