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Lego Town Trains - 12v Lego Train Layout from 1980's

My Lego Train collection from my childhood, running around my Town collection. Mostly from the 1980's. Watch out for the working signals, crossing barriers and lights and remote controlled switch points.. Awesome when I was a kid, still fun now I'm a big kid ;-)
Sets include:
7725 Electric Passenger Train
7735 Cargo Train
7740 Electric Inter-city train set
7745 High Speed Train
7817 Crane Wagon
7819 Mail Van
7822 Railway Station
7824 Train Station


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  • DB is Germany train

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  • I can't believe how you made this layout

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  • Why did I see that or those two trains there is lots of them i can’t see the names of them

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  • Did you have the steam locomotive or the blue diesel switched?

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  • Very very good!!!

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  • I'd like one of this but I'm on today standard. I'm not sure if converting to powered up is cool or not....

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  • Superb, excellent.

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  • Lego should go back to the 12v system,it looks much more fun

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  • Why are there so many dislikes?

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  • Sweet - takes me back...

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  • Nice I've got similar rails to those, except they're blue

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  • Super great video. Loved it, good on you.

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  • Robot train alf

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    • Thomas

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  • Just love it. Maybe you like to watch my lego train Ride around my apartment Hoop you keep posting lego train vids

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  • Wow, Nice condition. No yellowed tracks. Look like new. Nice City

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  • Nice video.

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  • It sucks I don't have those

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  • Liked, this one is from late 80's:

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  • It is a good vidio

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    • พนิดา ศรีสามชู ggn

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  • I have some-still in the box and never opened. Wonder how much it is if I sold it?

    TWTrainsTWTrains10 aylar önce
  • I remember my lego train. I had a good city. The house red and blue too !

    acquistagabriacquistagabri11 aylar önce
  • Amazing

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  • Awesome

Lego Town Trains - 12v Lego Train Layout from 1980's